Friday, 26 July 2013

Choosing a Liquor License Consultant

The applicant must take great care in choosing a Liquor License Consultant. Unfortunately there are many unethical and incompetent Liquor License Consultants.
To safeguard yourself use the following check points to evaluate a Liquor License consultant.                   
  1. Ask for references and proof that the Liquor Licenses of the references given to you have been issued by the Liquor Board.
  2. Ask for a written quote. Ask the questions – what is included/excluded? What cost must be paid by the applicant once the Liquor License is handed to him
(Does the Liquor Consultant pay the application fee, floor plan, photos, advertisements in the Government Gazette/Newspapers; does he pay for  the Liquor Traders registration (if applicable)?
  1. How long has the Liquor License consultant been operating? Ask for proof of his first successful Liquor License that was issued by the Liquor Board.
  2. Ask for identification of the Liquor License Consultant and record it.  
Please note.
Section 23 (3) of the Gauteng Liquor Act 2 of 2003
Where an application for a license has been refused by the Board, NO new application may be made in respect of the same premises within 1 (one) year from the date of refusal, except by special leave granted at the discretion of the Board.   It is therefore critical to choose your Liquor License Consultant with care.

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