Monday, 15 July 2013

May I Rent a liquor license????

Q           May I rent a Liquor License from a license holder or may I use the license of the

No. Some people rent the business with the liquor license from the owner of the business or the landlord. The license holder remains the ultimate responsible person for the liquor license and will be held accountable for any contraventions by the lessee. Some try to sidestep the act by applying for an appointment of manager for the tenant. The question remains, whose business is it and who is the financial beneficiary of the business. Nobody may trade with liquor if he or she has been convicted and sentenced for any offence to imprisonment without the option of a fine for a certain period, has been convicted in terms of the liquor act for a certain period,  is a minor, is an unrehabilitated insolvent and other conditions. If you rent the license, the authority did not have the opportunity to approve or decline the operator.

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