Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Liquor Licenses for Catering Companies. Gauteng Province.

Liquor Licenses for Catering Companies.Gauteng Province.

We receive numerous enquiries from catering companies who wish to apply for a Liquor License. They wish to offer a one stop service to their customers by offering a Bar service together with the catering. The catering companies usually cater at different venues, depending on the customers requirements.
To apply for a permanent Liquor License one must first have a premises, because the Liquor License stands with one leg on the premises and another leg on the applicant. Therefore the catering company can not apply for a permanent Liquor License if it does not use the same premises every time.
The only choice they have is to apply for a Catering Permit. The Catering Permit is only valid for the one event and for the one venue applied for. It can not be used at other venues. The Catering permit will not be issued for more than seven days at a time.
To apply for a Catering permit or occasional permit is expensive and the Catering Company must ensure that the function attendance is sufficient to cover the cost or to make a profit.
The Gauteng Liquor Board requires the application to be submitted three weeks before the event. They accept no late applications. We require at lease two additional working days to prepare, commission, pay and submit the application.

An inspector of the Liquor Board will inspect the site and submit a report to the Local Committee for evaluation.

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