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More Important Information relating to a Licensed Premises.

Information relating to a Licensed Premises.

1          Upon approval of the Liquor License the Applicant pays to the Liquor Board of R 1 500.

Gauteng Liquor licenses must be renewed one day before the original issue date of the Liquor License at a cost of R 3 000 per year. If you renew one month after the issue date a fine of 50% and two months after the issue date a fine of 100%is imposed. The third month the license expires without a possibility of reinstating the license. A new application must then be made.
A renewal advice must be collected from the Board at 92 Main Street Johannesburg and payment must be made at First National Bank.
Your renewal advice and FNB receipt must be kept for the renewal process of the following year. If the receipt is lost, you can not renew the license the following year.

2        The liquor license certificate must be displayed on a conspicuous place on the premises and be produced on demand by a person authorized thereto by this act or any law.

3         If your liquor license is in the name of a Close Corporation, Company, Club etc. a section 40 application  must be made whereby a natural person is appointed as manager over the license. This person must be on  the premises at all times.

4        Do not make any structural changes to the premise before a Section 43 application for the alteration, addition or reconstruction of the premises has been approved by the liquor board.

5        A licensee shall refuse to sell alcohol to an intoxicated person.

6     A licensee must display on the front door or window of a licensed premises a notice with characters of larger than 5 centimeters in height the following:
                                     - Name of Business.
 - Type of license
 - Times of Business
  - License Number

7    A liquor license in Gauteng can not be removed from one premises and transferred to another premises. A new application must be made on the new premises.

8     Sale of liquor to individuals under 18 years old is regarded in a serious light and can result in criminal charges brought against the seller and / or the license holder.

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