Monday, 28 October 2013

Annual Renewal of liquor licenses.

In terms of section 98 of the Gauteng Liquor act every license shall be renewed annually within twelve months from date of issue by payment of an annual fee. The license must be renewed one day prior to the issue date printed on the license.

 Prescribed Fees according to the Gauteng Liquor act.                                                                                  
Hotel Liquor license R3 500                                        Restaurant liquor license R3 000
Theater liquor license R3 000                                     Club liquor license R3 000
Night club liquor license R3 000.                                Gaming premises liquor license R5 000
Sports ground liquor license R2 500                           Pub liquor license R3 000
Dance hall liquor license R5 000                                Tavern liquor license R2 500
Pool club liquor license R3 000                                   Liquor store license R3 000
Grocers’ wine license R1 500                                     Micro-manufacturer’s license R5 000
Sorghum beer license
(on or off consumption) R2 000                

ONCE A LIQUOR LICENCE HAS LAPSED - IT HAS NO MORE LEGAL EFFECT - YOU WILL HAVE TO RE-APPLY for a new liquor license.                        

A liquor license will laps two months after the renewal date without the possibility to reinstate the license.

Do not expect a reminder from the liquor board to remind you to renew your license.
It is in the licensees own responsibility and interest to ensure that the annual renewal fees are paid on or before the renewal date.

To ensure a smooth and correct precedure on renewing you liquor license in Gauteng
you can contact Frik Liebenberg Liquorlicense Consultants to collect your renewal advice from the liquor board in Johannesburg and deliver it at your premises.
To enable us to correctly offer this service we will need the following:
A certified copy of the license
A certified Copy of the receipt that was paid for the previous year.

A small administration fee will be charged.

For More information regarding Renewal of liquor licenses please contact us on the following:

Phone: 082 5568 368 (Frik)

            074 373 1888 (Elmien)